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nagrodę - słownik Longmana

otrzymuje Kasia Święch z grupy Proficiency


Artykuł Kasi pt.: - How we stop believing

Delve deeply into your mind and let your childhood memories from Christmas time dance freely. What do you see? A huge shining tree. Horrifying mistletoe and a herd of aunts underneath. Christmas pudding decorated with boughs of holly. And something more... Something fluffy, red and loud. Was that Santa?
It started a while ago. The previous year my grandma 'ordered' one lovely Santa Claus from Santa Agency. He looked really convincingly, with long white beard, thick moustache and white fur on the egde of his red cap. Even his laughter sounded authentically! No sooner had he taken my little cousin on his knees than she said bluntly 'You are not real'. And then I knew Santa Claus was not going to survive in this world.
What is the reason for us not believing any more? People feel sure about everything that surrounds them, no mysteries, no miracles. With a scientific backup there is no need to worry. Either grown-ups or children refuse to accept existence of fabulous creatures, such as mermaids, unicorns, hobbits and Santa Claus! Besides, it seems that magic has become a superfluous factor, no longer wanted, because it has been replaced by a magnificence of modern technology. What is so appealing in all the modernity is that you don't have to put your heart in it. Magic requires much more.
For example, the story of 'Peter Pan' and Tinker Bell. This little fairy's life depended on others' faith. Once children didn't believe in her, all her strength and fairy dust vanished into thin air. These creatures' lives are in our hands, definitely not safe ones at all, which means that time is out for them. Under humans control they are not going to linger, for more of them keep both feet on the ground and stick so tightly to realistic side of existence that it's nearly impossible to persuade them to embrace magic in its pure form. They are not fully aware of the weight of responsibility.
Santa Claus might not be assummed by many to include the array of unreal characters, as he supposedly lived on this planet once upon a time. Nevertheless, he feeds on our belief and will soon remain only in our memories. He needs us as much as we needed him before. Let's just give it to him as a Christmas present.

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