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Konkurs na najlepszy artykuł na poziomie First Certyficate

W konkursie biorą udział uczniowie z grup Advanced 1,2,3. Tematem artykułów jest EDUKACJA, uczniowie pisali artykuł pod tytułem: „TEACHERS LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE”
Wybraliśmy 7 najlepszych artykułów do waszej oceny. Nie podajemy autorów artykułów, aby wasze oceny były jak najbardziej obiektywne.

Trzy artykuły, które otrzymają najwięcej waszych głosów zostaną nagrodzone słownikami języka angielskiego.

Głosujemy w szkole oddając głos na specjalnej liście prac.

Artykuł nr 1

A very clever man said that wisdom is happiness. So why do most of teenagers claim that if there were no teachers and no school, there would be no problems?
The first thing which comes to my mind is that kids do not appreciate the chance to learn. They run away from classes and play truant thinking that when they go out from school they make their life better and more pleasant. Twenty percent of teenagers in secondary schools do not attend such classes as physics or chemistry because they think that they have more interesting things to do. The problem might be about teachers who can’t pass on the knowledge and encourage pupils to learn. Anyway, kids should put more effort to use the chance to learn. Let’s try to consider what really would happen if teachers left kids alone. If children stopped learning, they would not be educated. When they were not educated, they would not be able to do anything useful for their work. If they did not have a job, they would not have any money. And everybody knows that no money means no life, because you have to eat, drink and dress yourself. So when teachers leave kids alone and they stop learning there will be an inevitable end of our world.
So why do most teenagers claim that if there were not teachers and no school there would be no problem. I think it is all because of laziness.

Artykuł nr 2

Do you believe that life without school would be better? Rather than sitting in the classrooms, children would spend their time playing football. Would it be the best way for their happy childhood?
Firstly, a school is like a door to a new world. Every day we learn something new. On Monday we hear about global warming, next day we see how computer does work, we finally know what the hell this hemoglobin is. Who knows what we will do on Tuesday or Friday. School opens for us many doors, as many as want to get into.
Secondly, school is like an Exceptional Nanny. What teachers are doing is showing us how to live and work in the society. What would parents do if school didn’t exist? Let children wander and roam in the city when they are at work? Not only is it foolish but also very irresponsible. What’s more, in school we meet our first friends and spend our time more excitingly than just sitting in front of the TV screen. School isn’t just education. Above all, school teachers us how to live with people.
In my opinion school is a very important aspect of social life. It is a place where we learn about the world and how to live on it.
Thanks God my parents have the same viewpoint!

Artykuł nr 3

“We don’t need no education” – these are the words of a very famous song. But have you ever sais this sentence? I bet you have, but I believe you haven’t meant that. What would happen if teachers left these kids alone? I think you don’t want to experience it…
No teachers – no school, no school- no problems! That is great! You think so? Then you are wrong! What if doctors wouldn’t know what is wrong with you if you were ill? And if a lawyer didn’t know the law? That would be terrible. No one would be able to do anything! We won’t have any food, nothing to wear, no television and not any new inventions! The whole world would go back about 300 years!
Have you ever thought that you have teachers not only at school? Your parents, your friends and books are also your teachers. Would you like your parents to leave you alone? I do not think so. I think that everyone we meet is teaching us something new and interesting. Don’t you like knowing more than somebody else? Well, I do like.
My request is “Teachers, please don’t leave us alone!”. We need knowledge and new inventions. Teachers please help us!

Artykuł nr 4

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to do a battle every single day? To do your best even if you feel that your enemy is much stronger? Well, I think that you should come back to school for one day.
Unpleasantly to state that nowadays children spend about three fourth of day in school and other places where their knowledge is supposed to be widened. It means that school should be like home. However it is not like this at all.
Teachers often want to show their superiority. What I want to say is that teachers by their behaviour in their students’ eyes rude and insane people. They could not have contact with children, in revenge they give huge homework. As a result, students are deprived of their time. Unfortunately, time here means childhood.
What’s more, it is also important for children to have good contact with a teacher, but most often they do not know how to establish it. The worst thing is when students try to beg for a little less of material to learn and it does not meet with understanding. It is very hard for a child. It makes a teacher look like a sadist.

Artykuł nr 5

Try to understand that students’ life is not always easy. It would help all of us. If you still could not, maybe you should really come back to school for one day to evoke your own memories.
Nowadays, many children hate learning. Why? Maybe it is caused by teachers, maybe because they are lazy, maybe it is caused by something else. How many times have you been on boring lessons? How many times has your teacher given you very big homework? Maybe the title is right? What do you think?
I remember my first lesson. It was fun. But later it was only worse. Lessons were boring, I had hard homework, too much material to study before the test and no time for it. Fortunately, students have weekends and Christmas, when it is easier for them to study, but school is still very hard, don’t you think?
Students also want to have free time, which is nearly impossible when they have so many things to do. They are young, they must have fun! They want to meet with their friends, spend marvelous time with a family, go to cinema, play on computer or serf in the net. Not only to study to tests and do homework.
All in all you should respect your teachers and unfortunately you must do what they want. You should also have better time management, but still teachers should think about students. Right?

Artykuł nr 6

School has never been perfect and it won’t be. There are many things to change, but we haven’t got any possibilities to introduce such changes.
Teachers, leave these kids alone. This famous lyrics of Pink Floyd’s song are often uttered by many students. I am not surprised that they do not enjoy the way of teaching. Education is necessary in our life, but we should learn useful, practical skills. While a lot of teachers teach us boring, hard and needless things.
I think that the truth is that kids want to be alone because they do not want to learn. I’m sure that they could come to like going to school if they could learn many interesting things and develop their hobbies. Students, you should go to your teachers and tell them that you want to explore the world and learn really interesting things. Remember, you can make your school better introducing little changes.

Artykuł nr 7

Have you ever though what your kid is doing on the lessons at school? The obedient children are seldom expected to be open-minded and inspired people. But it is the truth! Last week parents with astonishment listened to the complaints about students’ jokes. The creative kids, when their teacher left the classroom, decided to give her a lesson. The great discussion about making a plan was lasting…Finish. Are you ready for shock? The faster student ran to the kitchen and stole some salt, which later was added to teacher’s coffee. You consider that it is the end of jokes? Wrong. Several of students hanged a bucket filled withy freezing water under the teacher’s desk. Impossible? Might be.. True? Yes! What students liked most was the teacher’s confused glare when she came back. Scarcely had she shouted angrily at students for the salty coffee when cold water was flooded. Everyone burst out laughing and the crying teacher left the classroom again…. The pupils were punished. The headmaster ordered them to clean the whole school. But laugh is healthy so nobody regretted. According to saying All things are easy that are done willingly, the students presented their teacher with the serious meaning of life.

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