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Pracowali z nami

Michele Costantini

  My mother is from Krakow and grew up exploring the Polish mountains in and around Zakopane. So, it is not surprising that she chose the Colorado Rockies when immigrating to the USA. Born and raised American, means I am a native speaker. But, it also means I have been exposed from an early age to The Melting Pot // Salad Bowl that epitomizes what America -- a country of immigrants -- means to me. I have a keen cultural sensitivity and curiosity of culture and language.
I studied communications, language, and dramatic arts, and received my master's degree from NYU in New York City. My theatre background informs my teaching, especially with Young Learners with whom we can play language-learning communicative games and do role-plays. I am very excited to be here in Lodz, exploring my Polish roots, and working with Polish colleagues and children.

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