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Mark Hampton

  I am from Middlesbrough, a small industrial town in the north-east of England. I previously graduated in Business Administration and spent several years working in various office roles before eventually re-studying to become an English teacher. I enjoy travelling and have taught around the world including back home in the UK and in South-East Asia before returning to Europe and to beautiful Poland. I spent the last year before moving to this city working for a small school in Łuków, a small town with 30,000 people, a two-screen cinema and no McDonalds!
I enjoy teaching to students at all levels from younger learners up to adults and describe myself as a very energetic, motivating and passionate teacher always wanting my students to achieve their targets. I strongly believe that the teacher and students should always have fun in the classroom while learning a new language through different methods and ways of teaching. For me, being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have and to help and watch your students develop their skills and receive their certificates at the end of the course makes it all worthwhile. In my spare time I also enjoy keeping fit, reading, listening to music and going to the cinema.

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