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Andre Lokaj

  My name is Andre Łukasz Łokaj and I'm an American-Polish national. I'm originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota but I also lived in South Florida, Arizona and Seattle. I moved to Poland in November of 2009 so I could be closer to my grandmother and my cousins and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I really enjoy living in Poland because I feel connected to the rest of the world and I love kielbasa. My favorite pastimes are listening to music, reading about history and cycling, however I don't have a bike in Łódź.
I've taught English in Szczecin, Koszalin and now Łódź. I've been a teacher since 2010 and I hold the CELTA certificate as well as the IH certificate in teaching young learners and teenagers. I prefer teaching children because of the challenge and the dynamics that children bring into a classroom. I feel that a teacher must always imagine how the lesson may look in the eyes of a student in order to present new language in a way that is easy to understand and try to have a little bit of fun in the process.

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